Spellbinding Good Looks, Really Fast

If speed is what you need, we’ve got it, and with all the good looks your product deserves. In-house capabilities allow us to produce packaging with high-end treatments like holographic foil stamping, sculptured embossing and sophisticated structures. Our large paperboard inventory, including metalized materials, like rainbow holographic and white “globe” holograms, means no waiting for stock.

So Many Capabilities

Sophisticated structural design, compelling print treatments, complex finishing and excellent project management all come together to produce boxed sets, limited collector sets, gift sets and deluxe editions that really rev-up sales. Structural design in California brings together worldwide capabilities to produce packages that are so much more than ordinary. Our designers consider all kinds of materials when imagining a new concept including fabric, wood, tin, and plastic, along with our impressive folding carton and rigid capabilities.

We’ve Got Serious Expertise to Help You Design Ultimate Collector’s Editions and Gift Sets

But designing a great structure is just the start. With our domestic manufacturing plants and our strong global sourcing capabilities and partnerships, we can manage complex packages while maintaining our high standards. We can even handle the “extras”, including hand painted premiums and injection molded parts.

Innovative, Never-Seen-Before Looks are Right up Our Alley

Sometimes it’s hard to produce great packaging, but few can create as many of the great looks that we do. Breaking through the noise at retail is no easy accomplishment. We can help!

Add Some Glitz!

You’ve got lots of choices to add some sparkle to your packaging, and glitter is a great option. Glitter is available in different colors, sizes and even holographic patterns. Best of all, it doesn’t come off on your hands!

Since 1930. Bert-Co creates and manufactures folding cartons and innovative specialty packaging.

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